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A breathtaking canvas of rugged mountains, sweeping valleys and open skies.
Visitors are drawn to Montana for its unspoiled natural beauty, showcased in two of the nation’s most popular national parks. Explore the wonders of Glacier National Park, home to over a million acres of wilderness and the iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road. And marvel at the geothermal wonders and diverse wildlife of neighbouring Yellowstone National Park.

Montana's past as a frontier state is vividly alive in places like the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, where visitors can learn about this historic battle. The state's rich mining heritage can be explored in ghost towns like Virginia City and Garnet, both ‘frozen in time’ and offering a well-preserved glimpse into the 1860s gold rush era.

Montana’s cities provide their own unique charm. Butte, a city steeped in mining heritage, houses the World Museum of Mining. Helena, the state capital, sits directly between the two national parks and boasts the impressive Montana State Capitol building whilst Bozeman, with its proximity to outdoor recreation, serves as the ideal gateway to adventure.

Ski the pristine slopes of Big Sky Resort and Whitefish Mountain Resort, or enjoy year-round activities like fishing, boating, and hiking in the pristine waters and trails of Flathead Lake and Bitterroot Valley. For something truly unique, experience the thrill of an organised cattle drive, or embark on a scenic drive along the breathtaking Beartooth Highway.

Affectionately known as ‘Big Sky Country’, Montana offers a unique and enriching experience for outdoor lovers - talk to Travel USA today to start planning your adventure.

Going to the Sun Road, West Glacier Montana stunning scenery at sunset

Things to see & do

Browse through our recommended selection of things to see and do in Montana. Many of these are included in our suggested itineraries, however, if there is
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Glacier National Park

Rocky Mountains, Montana

Nestled in Montana's Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park captivates with its pristine wilderness, alpine meadows, and glacier-carved valleys. Its stunning landscapes showcase towering peaks, turquoise lakes, and diverse ecosystems. Visitors can try their luck at wildlife spotting as they hike through more than 1,000 kilometres of trails. The iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road offers breathtaking views, while the park's untouched beauty and outdoor adventures make it a must-see destination for nature enthusiasts and explorers.

Join a Cattle Drive


Saddle up for an authentic Montana experience by joining a cattle drive. Embrace the cowboy spirit as you ride alongside seasoned wranglers, herding cattle through vast and picturesque landscapes. Channel your inner rancher, mastering horsemanship skills and relishing the thrill of the open range. This hands-on adventure offers a taste of Western tradition and a connection to Montana's ranching heritage, creating memories of life on the trail that will last a lifetime. Contact Travel USA for more details on the options available.

The World Museum of Mining

Butte, Montana

Museum dedicated to preserving the rich mining heritage of the region. Visitors can explore over 50 structures, including historic mine buildings and equipment, and experience what life was like for miners in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. With exhibits detailing mining techniques, cultural artifacts, and the impact of mining on society, the museum offers an immersive journey into the fascinating history of one of America's most significant industries.

Going to the Sun Road

Glacier National Park, Montana

A breathtaking 80-kilometre scenic drive through Glacier National Park that traverses the Continental Divide at Logan Pass, offering stunning views of rugged mountains, glacial valleys, and cascading waterfalls. Open seasonally, the road provides access to many of the park's top attractions, including hiking trails and wildlife viewing areas. Its dramatic landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas make it a must-see experience for any visitor to the park.

Yellowstone National Park

West Yellowstone, Montana

Whilst the majority of Yellowstone National Park lies in neighbouring Wyoming, the western entrance in West Yellowstone, Montana puts you right in the heart of the park’s geyser country. This entrance is the park’s busiest and the closest entry point to see the Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful, two of Yellowstone's most iconic natural landmarks, making West Yellowstone a popular base and gateway to explore.

Iceberg Lake Trail

Glacier National Park, Montana

Iceberg Lake Trail in Glacier National Park is a standout hiking destination, known for its breathtaking vistas and striking blue waters, dotted with floating icebergs even in summer. This moderately challenging 15-kilometre round-trip hike ascends through lush forest, wildflower meadows, and rugged terrain, offering spectacular views of the surrounding peaks. The destination, Iceberg Lake, sits in a dramatic cirque, making it a rewarding and picturesque spot for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Red Jammer Bus Tour

Glacier National Park, Montana

The Red Jammer Bus Tour in Glacier National Park, Montana, offers a nostalgic way to explore the park's stunning landscapes. Aboard vintage 1930s red buses, with roll-back tops perfect for unobstructed views, guests can enjoy narrated tours highlighting the park's natural and cultural history. The iconic Red Jammers, with their distinctive style and panoramic viewing, provide a unique, and sometimes exhilarating scenic travel experience through the majestic terrain of one of America's most beautiful national parks. Talk to Travel USA for more details.

Montana State Capitol

Helena, Montana

This neoclassical building, standing as a symbol of the state's governance and history, houses the government chambers and offices while showcasing stunning architectural details. Its elegant dome and impressive façade draws visitors to explore its historic and political significance through exhibits which highlight Montana's development. The Capitol's presence in the heart of Helena invites all to appreciate the state's democratic heritage and architectural grandeur.

Bitter Creek Outfitters

Bitter Creek, Montana

Embark on an unforgettable Montana adventure with Bitter Creek Outfitters as you explore the rugged beauty of the Bitterroot Mountains on horseback trail rides led by experienced guides. Traverse through pristine wilderness, lush forests, and picturesque valleys, immersing yourself in the region's natural splendour. Whether you're a novice or experienced rider, these guided excursions offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate Montana's vast landscapes. Talk to Travel USA for more details.

Visit Virginia City

Virginia City, Montana

Step back into the past and relive the 1860's at this living ghost town. Virginia City maintains its Gold Rush heritage, with well-preserved buildings, wooden sidewalks, and a historic ambiance. Wander through the streets where prospectors once sought riches, visit period museums, and catch a glimpse of life during the pioneer era. The town's authenticity and immersive experiences offer a fascinating window into Montana's frontier history and a genuine glimpse into the Wild West.

Little Bighorn Battlefield & Monument

Crow Agency, Montana

Commemorates the historic clash between the U.S. Army's 7th Cavalry and Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapaho warriors. This poignant site preserves the memory of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, highlighting the events of June 1876 - commonly referred to as 'Custer's Last Stand'. The visitor centre, memorials, and markers provide insights into the conflict and its significance, honouring the lives lost and the complex history of Native American and American interactions.

Grinnell Glacier

Glacier National Park, Montana

Grinnell Glacier is one of the most accessible and spectacular glaciers in Glacier National Park, Montana. Experienced hikers can make the 17-kilometre round-trip and enjoy stunning views of wildflowers in season, pristine alpine landscapes and wildlife. The trail leads adventurers past crystal-clear lakes and rugged mountain scenery, culminating at the glacier and its adjacent turquoise lake making Grinnell Glacier a standout highlight for visitors to the park.

Garnet Ghost Town

Garnet, Montana

Visit another well-preserved relic of the state's gold rush era nestled in the Montana wilderness near Missoula. Visitors can wander among the abandoned buildings, including homes, businesses, and a schoolhouse, frozen in time since the town's mining heyday in the late 19th century. With interpretive signs providing insight into its history and guided tours available, Garnet offers a captivating glimpse into the rugged and adventurous spirit of Montana's past.

Beartooth Highway

Red Lodge - Cooke City. Montana

One of America’s most scenic roads, a memorable 110-kilometre route renowned for its stunning vistas. The highway climbs to over 3,000 metres, offering panoramic views of rugged mountains, alpine meadows, and pristine lakes. Open seasonally, it provides access to outdoor adventures like hiking and wildlife viewing and offers an unforgettable journey through some of Montana's most spectacular landscapes.

Museum of the Rockies

Bozeman, Montana

The Museum of the Rockies located in Bozeman is a renowned institution showcasing a diverse collection of natural history exhibits, including dinosaur fossils, Native American artifacts, and regional geological wonders. Its engaging displays and educational programmes offer visitors a captivating journey through the Earth's history, making it a must-visit destination for those interested in science, palaeontology and cultural heritage.

Skiing at Big Sky Resort

Whitefish, Montana

Experience world-class skiing in Montana at Big Sky Resort and Whitefish Mountain Resort. With abundant powder, diverse terrain, and stunning Rocky Mountain vistas, these resorts offer exhilarating adventures for skiers and snowboarders alike. Big Sky boasts the "Biggest Skiing in America" with vast trails, while Whitefish combines excellent runs with a charming mountain town. Embrace the thrill of carving through snow-covered slopes and savour the true essence of winter in the Treasure State.

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