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Sunset boulevard: a city's silhouette cradles the dipping sun, bestowing a golden glow upon the urban expanse.

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New Zealand owned and operated travel company focused 100% on designing personalised USA travel experiences for Kiwi travellers. With more than 60 direct flights a week connecting our two shores, the USA has never been more accessible. Our mission is to excite, inspire and inform travellers looking to discover the magic of travelling to the USA. Browse through our website, check out our recommended itineraries or contact us today to start your USA adventure.

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We are your go-to specialists for designing personalised USA travel experiences. Whether it's soaking up the atmosphere of bustling cities, checking off must-see iconic sites and attractions, exploring natures wonders of the great outdoors, uncovering hidden gems, embarking on a scenic road trip, indulging in shopping sprees, or savouring diverse food cultures the USA has it all! Let us design the perfect adventure for you, your family, and friends to help create lasting memories. 
Close up view of the US Capitol Building

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The content throughout this website been created by us to excite, inspire and inform Kiwi travellers about what we recommend they do when they visit the USA. 
All of our suggested itineraries can be personalised to your individual needs and preferences. Contact us today to discuss your requirements so we can work together to create the perfect adventure for you.